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On this page you can support our fundraising projects. How does it work? Quite simply, for our flights, we conducted a virtual sell of virtual tickets. By paying a small amount to increase the total donation, which will be donated at the end of the German Society for Sea Rescue. Select your favorite flight and enter your data, then you send the money via PayPal. If you have send the money you receive access to the live stream, to follow the flight you booked live via webcam.

Boarding Pass

From 5 € you can be part of the project. Your donation can vary in height as we offer different tickets.

Furthermore, if you think as a company or private individual to make a donation of more than 100 €, we offer you to transport virtual freight. This is at a price of 0.10 € / kg transported on a flight of your choice.

All donors will be on our virtual passenger lists so the donations are transparent and can be viewed on which flight everybody is booked. If you do not want your name on the list, you can book the flight anonymous, then your name will not appear publicly.

Economy-Class Business-Class
Einzelticket / Single Ticket 0 € 10 €
Half-around-the-world-Ticket (22 Seat Package) 25 € 50 €
Around-the-World-Ticket (45 Seats Package) 50 € 100 €

How do I book a ticket?
  1. Select the ticket version you want 
  2. Choose your seat
  3. Enter your real name and your e-mail adress
  4. if you like check the box "anonymous"
  5. Order the ticket
  6. You will receive a ticket with the access code for the high quality live video stream
  7. Please do not forget to donate